The Gothic Rainbow: Beginning Volume of the Vampire Noctuaries

My first novel was published years ago, in 1997, and took about 3 years for me to complete. The story began as a project for an invitation-only Honors English course I took in the summer of 1991 at Cuyahoga Community College in Parma, Ohio.

The Gothic Rainbow is a 190,000 word story set in a dark, faeriepunk version of the 20th Century underground nightclub scene. With a bit of surreal embellishment to enrich the tale, this novel was inspired by the parties, the places, the people and the atmosphere encompassing my exposure to several years of the gothic/industrial counterculture.

Written in first-person, the tale is focused upon dreary chasms of the human condition and tells the journey of a young male vampire and his relationship with a teenage mortal girl, Helle. Thinking he is only a spirit that communicates with her in dreams and rituals, Helle slowly comes to discover that he is very real and will change everything in her life forever. The sequel is Annwn's Maelstrom Festival.

I also did all the graphic design work in creating the book cover; I did all the programming for the website, and wrote all the XHTML code for the ebook, plus I did all the layout and formatting for the hardcover and softcover editions.