Eric Muss-Barnes

I'm a in Southern California


My name is Eric Muss-Barnes, and I'm a patriotic, 5th generation, American citizen (remember "Eric" is America's middle name!), living in Southern California...

Walt Disney Studios Web Developer (Alumnus)

Web Developer, Novelist, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Raised by the 1940's swingkid generation of my maternal grandparents, I grew up 2500 miles outside of my home in Los Angeles; spent years programming websites at Walt Disney Studios; solo-piloted hang gliders over 6000 feet above the Earth; dated fashion models, rockstar goddesses and glamazon actresses; been thrown and dragged by horses (arguably similar to my dating experiences); earned a living as an American Greetings toymaker and a Hollywood game designer; ridden motorcycles over 130,000 miles through mountains and desert sandstorms (...make that "over" mountains, I'm not Buckaroo Banzai); produced, directed and edited music videos and an award-nominated film; briefly wed a tattooed MENSA astrophysicist chick with a PhD in psychology who is a drummer in hardcore metal bands; compiled a biblical trilogy of over a millions words (quite possibly the only person in over a century to single-handedly publish a bible) called the Oecumenicum; crewed on an Academy Award nominated movie; skateboarded in pools all around California with XGames medalists and Olympians; wrote an epic duology of vampire tales and 4 additional novels; photographed numerous Playboy models and sold my images in art galleries from Cleveland to Hollywood; been published in multiple fiction/non-fiction anthologies; composed social media content for multiple lifestyle channels totalling over 10.3 million viewers and 55,000 subscribers; and served 12 years hard time in parochial schools.


Highlights of my projects, showcased below, represent everything from website development and coding I have programmed; to graphic design and photography I have shot; to filmmaking and novels I have written.

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Sheriff Jedediah Spade’s Catalog of Netherworld Monstrosities

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Curriculum Vitaé


I have developed a number of professional skills, and earned a living doing everything from videography, to graphic design, to computer programming, to expert time traveller... (Seriously!... But I can only manage to travel forward one minute per minute.) Due to my varied array of creative knowledge, it is impractical to articulate all my experience in a single resume. Therefore, I offer multiple resumes, showcasing my capabilities and pinpointing accomplishments, across multiple fields of expertise.

Web Developer

I have been doing professional web development since 1998 for the likes of Walt Disney Studios, ESPN, ABC Television, Weider Publications, American Idol, and the World Trade Center.

Creative Director

Having decades of experience in artistic industries and computer engineering, I was first promoted to a Creative Director position at the age of 28.

Graphics UX/UI Designer

Beginning in 1997, I have been doing graphic design advertising generating $30,000 to $100,000 of weekend sales, and designed wholesale websites which generate approximately $60 million a year.


Since 1997, I have published 12 books, including 6 novels and multiple short stories in various anthologies.


I have taught classes in photography at Walt Disney Studios and my photographs have appeared in art galleries from Cleveland to Hollywood.


Since 1993, I have worked as a stand-in and production assistant on Academy-Award-nominated Hollywood films, in addition to writing and directing my own award-nominated shorts with over 51,000 subscribers and 7 million views on YouTube.


Over the years, I have had the honor to achieve numerous career goals, thanks to the assistance of a diverse fellowship of brilliant and talented individuals. These bright and gifted people have been kind enough to share a few words, regarding their opinions of my prowess and work ethic.


Residing in Southern California, I can be reached for any number of creative projects and collaborations using the address provided below.


Los Angeles, California