Oecumenicum | Holy Bible Trilogy

Published in 2023, the Oecumenicum is a trilogy of books which pioneer features never combined in any other Holy Bible in history. Sometime around the 16th century, clergy and theologians began cluttering the Holy Bible with chapters, verse numbers, and footnotes, destroying the natural flow of venerable scriptures and stories. Five centuries later, a few visionary scholars began removing these annotations, returning the Holy Bible to a format of traditional, legible prose. Known as a “reader’s bible” this unencumbered layout allows testaments to be enjoyed as they were originally inscribed. Representing years of diligent formatting and compiling from a lone author, the Oecumenicum trilogy is the world’s first ecumenical reader’s bible, restoring ancient doctrines excluded from medieval editions, organizing them in a multiple volume set, printed in the United States of America. The text of this meticulously renewed tome, a rendition called the United States Christian Bible, is founded upon the highly respected American Standard Version, originally translated in 1901.