The United States of America Founding Documents

This is a book I began to compile years ago, in the spring of 2017, but I did not finish until the following year.

Inspired by wanting a digital eBook copy of the Declaration of Independence, I had a hard time finding a free version. Didn't seem right to me, to have to pay for copies of the documents which founded our country, so I decided I would publish them myself, and offer them for free. While researching and acquiring these documents, I learned there were multiple editions of the Federalist Papers and I did my best to assure the version presented in this book accurately reflects the final editions composed by our Founding Fathers.

I also did all the graphic design work in creating the book cover; I did all the programming for the website, and wrote all the XHTML code for the ebook, plus I did all the layout and formatting for the hardcover and softcover editions.