Schooling Your Boss To Not Suck

This is a business/human resources book I wrote in the winter of 2011.

The book is very short (only about 22,000 words) but it gave me the opportunity to learn new self-publishing technology on Amazon and Lulu. I also took the time to create an eBook format. I learned how to program an .EPUB file by hand using XHTML and CSS. The resulting .EPUB file was then quadruple-validated against FlightCrew 0.7.1, Sigil, epubcheck 1.2 and epubpreflight 0.1.0 to check for errors.

After that .EPUB file was created, I used KindleGen 1.2 to covert it into a .MOBI version to be used on Amazon as a Kindle book.

So, beyond being a fun writing project, the whole Schooling Your Boss To Not Suck endeavor really gave me my first chance to learn the cutting edge of electronic publishing.