The Unseelie Court

When I directed and edited The Unseelie Court about years ago, in the spring of 2002, the film was never meant to be released. As I wrote the script, it was intended to be a test for a much larger project. The larger project never happened.

The body of the film was shot over 3 nights from 7pm to 7am at a bar in Downtown Cleveland. Exteriors were shot one night at another location in Columbus. The daytime woods images were taken at two different parks in Ohio and the snow-covered lake in the opening shot was actually done right along the side of a highway.

Running about 30 minutes long, The Unseelie Court is a short film with an odd and unusual plot, very much in the tradition of an old Twilight Zone episode. The story takes place all in one evening, during a thunderstorm, at a mysterious pub called Storytellers Tavern where patrons come to hear strange and unusual tales. Vivian, a young woman in her twenties, and a regular at Storytellers, comes in and the place is so deserted, Vivian imagines she has no chance of hearing a good tale tonight. But, there may be an interesting story awaiting in the shadows after all...