Forever Loving You

This book is a joke. It's not intended to be taken seriously.

Most of it was written back in 1992 to 1996 and really awful poetry I wrote at the time. Over years ago, I wanted to publish it, because I thought it was good.

Looking back on it, I decided to publish it now, because it's awful. It's laughably bad.

The cover photograph was taken in 1992 when a friend mocked me and said it looked like I was posing for an album of rock ballads called Forever Loving You. I thought that was hilarious. So, it has become the cover of a book of pretentious poetry.

Relive those horrible times of young adulthood, when you thought of yourself as a hopeless romantic, when in fact, you were just a selfish jerk looking for someone else to validate your happiness, and then became hurt and resentful when they broke your pathetic little heart.