Strangely enough, my interest in filmmaking came before my interest in photography. However, back in 1996, when I was preparing to promote my first novel, The Gothic Rainbow, I developed an interest in photography, so I could create interesting fliers to market the book. Being a vampire story, the fliers consisted mostly of surreal collages of my friends from the goth/punk underground nightclub scene. As word got around about my book, I had more and more people approaching me, telling me that my fliers were "amazing artwork". At first, I laughed, because I didn't consider them to be "art" at all. They were just fliers.

Nevertheless, people really liked them. While promoting my book at one convention, a boy came up to me and asked for extras, so he could hang them in his room. After that, a local artist, Joseph Vargo, invited me to show my work at his art gallery. That was when I began to think, "Maybe I should take photography more seriously."